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Never again, I'll slit my throat

with the knife I pulled out of my spine

When Broken is Easily Fixed
2 December
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I wanna hold you high, and steal your pain

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User Number: 3253053
Date Created:05-24-04
Number of Posts: 123

Derek is a highly trained professional bitch male stripper, also makes a great non gay, gay emo shopping friend, amaze your friends, act now and get this complete package for only 19.95 (WOW) while supplies last, some assembly required Batteries not included
Strengths: Creative, sociable, caring, good listener, god sence of hummor, Hot Girlfriend who is awesome, personality, good kisser (or so I've been told),such a camrea whore,
Weaknesses: Everything involving the color pink, cartoons, eyes, junk food, rap,
Special Skills: sweet, romantic, friendly, moshing, making people feel better about themselves
Weapons: Annoying Stories that never end, studded belt, studded braclett,
manufacturers: Larry and Carol Allard, of the Allard family inc. est. 1986

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